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Always 30+ bikes in stock, all at different stages of restoration, not all appear here. Please feel free to contact for further details or drop in to our workshop to see the bikes for yourself. Great courier service offered at £100 to anywhere in the UK and can ship worldwide.

Every person, like the bikes, is different and if you're not sure which type of bike would be best for your needs please contact us and we will be happy to guide you through.

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Aprilia 320

Road registered
Nice Original 320 Aprilia. Road registered and great for long distance events. Needs nothing and ready to ride. Ideal cheap twinshock trials bike. Please contact for more details 07817667565 or email us

Aprilia 320 special

Fully rebuilt and modified
This Leese special Aprilia 320 has been fully rebuilt and modified. Everything is new from inside out. Completely unique bike that will turn heads and completely unique. Runs and rides fantastic. Please contact for full details 07817667565

Armac Triumph Tiger cub

Fully rebuilt and modified
Fantastic 1961 230cc Armac Tiger Cub and is built to their full specification. The machine comes with a V5.
The detail is as follows;
Frame: Armac oil in frame cradle with subframe, swinging arm and sump guard. Armac
Yokes with taper roller bearings, Armac fuel tank and new specification rear
mudguard. Frame has been powder coated.
Suspension: Front forks by UPB Evo Cub (35mm) and Rock Shock rear suspension units.
Wheels and brakes: Morad alloy rims laced to Alan Whitton Engineering hubs and brake
plates. Front brake linings by UPB (green high performance material) rear by UPB
(standard – grooved).
Controls: Domino levers, UPB gear lever and UPB Kickstart conversion with new shaft
and first gear.
Engine: 230cc by way of Honda spec Wiseco piston. Believed new crankcases and new
crankshaft assembly by Serco. Crankcases have machined porthole for access to front
drive sprocket and mounts for electronic ignition. UPB blind camshaft bush and Armac
crankcase breather fitted.
R type camshaft operating new UPB inlet and exhaust valves running in Colsibro valve
guides which both run vale stem oil seals. Pushrods run in UPB alloy tower.
Gearbox has UPB supplied trials cluster running lower second gear and higher ratio
top. Primary gearing remains standard but a UPB chain tensioner is fitted. Clutch is
standard with Surflex linings acting against heavyweight springs by UPB.
UPB supplied crankcase drain plug and gearbox drain/fill level plug fitted.
Ignition is electronic by Electrex World.
Carburation is by way of a 22mm Dell’Orto PHBL to UPB specification. Armac airbox
feeds this unit.
Exhaust is to full current Armac specification.
Engine oil – 750cc Castrol Actevo 10W-40 semi-synthetic changed every two outings.
Gear box – Millers Oils EP 80W90 GL4 mineral transmission oil (to fill level pipe)
Clutch – 100cc ATF changed every outing
Morgo oil pump and upb front guard and brace.
This is probably one of the very best bikes i have ever ridden and is a absoloute showbike.
Featured and tested in classic trial magazine!!
Please call for further details and pics if needed.
Don't miss this one!!!!!! 07817667565

Bsa b40 350

Road lit fitted
Nice original bsa b40 350cc. This bike has been parked to one side for many years and unused. Runs really nice and just needs setting up. Complete with lighting kit which is ideal for long distance events or evening trail rides. Please contact for more information. 07817667565 or email us at

Bultaco sherpa 250

nice bike
Road registered bultaco 250. Ready to ride. Has been part restored but ridden since. Motor runs nice. Cheap road reg'd twinshocker. Please contact for details 07817667565

Bultaco sherpa 250

Fantastic condition and ready to ride bultaco sherpa 250. Slightly rare 1971 model. Great collectors bike. Many new parts. Please contact or email us for more details. 07817667565

Bultaco sherpa 325

Part restored
Very nice Bultaco sherpa t325 1976. Loads of work done to this bike. Motor has been rebuilt with new electronic ignition. New delorto carb and rear njb shocks fitted. Great condition bike with lots of power and ready to trial. Cheap twinshock trials bike. Please contact for full details on 07817667565

Bultaco Sherpa 350

Project bike- complete
Good Bultaco sherpa 350cc. Bike is very tidy and up together ,but motor is slightly rumbly and would benefit a rebuild! Cheap starter bike. Please call or email us for full details 07817667565

Fantic 125 special

Very nice and rare fantic 125. Only a few of these were ever made and incorporate the 125cc engine into the smaller 80cc fantic frame. The result is a very nimble light bike and great for most twinshock events or ideal as youth starter bike. Motor runs great. Easy restoration if need be. Please call or email for more info 07817667565

Fantic 125 special

Original bike
Very nice and rare fantic 125. Only a few of these were ever made and incorporate the 125cc engine into the smaller 80cc fantic frame. The result is a very nimble light bike and great for most twinshock events or ideal as youth starter bike. Motor runs great. Easy restoration if need be. Please call or email for more info 07817667565

Fantic 200

Very nice original fantic 200. Runs great and the motor is very sweet sounding. Ready to ride. Good wheels, suspension and brakes. Please contact us for more details on the bike 07817667565

Fantic 200

Cheap original condition
This fantic runs nice and is very original. Loads of whizz for 200cc. Small service and she would be ready to ride or great easy restoration project! contact 07817667565 for more.

Honda rs220

Very special
Very special immaculate condition honda rs 220cc. Runs incredible and really is in superb condition. Great collectors bike. Please contact us for full details. 07817667565

Honda Rtl 250

original un restored rtl
Nice original honda rtl 250. Runs and rides fantastic with plenty of power. Becoming a rare model now. Twin drum brake model. Good original plastics, but has cracks in the tank unit qand rear guard. New ones of these can be obtained cheaply or this one could be restored. Whole bike i need of light cosmetic restoration and service (new filter, oil etc. Easy restoration. Ticks over like a watch. Please call or email for more details 07817667565


Honda seeley 200 cc. has been ridden since restoration and in nice condition. Loads of new parts and runs fantastic with lots of power. Contact for more details.

Honda tl rs200

Nice original
Really nice honda tl 200. Very original and ready to use. Road registered and taxed! Runs really well with plenty of power. New rear rockshocks fitted and new front pipe. Please contact for more details 07817667565 or email us

Honda tl200

Nice four stroke
Very nice honda tl 200. Fantstic trials machine and ready to ride. Incorporates nice strong 4 stroke motor with slim tl frame. Good condition. Not a showpiece but tidy. Please contact for more details 07817667565

Honda tlr 200

Restoration project
Nice running original and unrestored tlr200. In need of full cosmetic restoration ,but a very easy project. Still has all its lighting and long distance kit fitted. Get yourself a cheaper tlr!! All parts here in stock to restore. Please call for details 07817667565 or email.

Honda tlr 200

Fully Restored
Honda tlr 200. Fully restored and used since restoration. Runs fantastic as a 4 stroke honda should. Loads of new bits fitted to this one. Has a new tailpipe fitted since these pics were taken as worn on the inside edge. Great twinshock trials bike. Please call or email us for more info. 07817667565

Honda tlr 200

Very nice four stroke Honda tlr 200. Has been restored, Modified and lightly used since restoration. In great running condition and ready for use. Many new parts include rebuilt wheels, alloy exhaust assembly and slim gollner tank unit fitted. Great bike for starter or expert rider. Very easy to maintain. Please contact or email for full details. 07817667565

Honda tlr 200

Part restored
Fantastic Honda tlr 200. Runs and rides great. Many new parts fitted including trick yokes, fatbars, slim tank, new wheels, shocks and much more. Ready to use. Great expert or clubman twinshocker. Please contact for more info on this nice bike. 07817667565

Honda tlr 200

Restored and modified
Very nice restored and modified tlr 200. Fitted with nice tlr 250 slim tank and seat unit. Needs nothing and ready to ride. Has had loads spent on this one. Great bike that will cater for all abilities. Please contact for more details. 07817667565

Honda tlr 200

Road registered
Nice part restored honda tlr 200. Fitted with slim aftermaket tank unit and alloy exhaust system. Runs and rides very nice as a 4 stroke tlr should. New rear wheel fitted ,but front wheel is original and has a slightly faded rim. Fatbars fitted with modified top yoke. Please contact for full information on 07817667565 or email the shop at

Honda tlr 200 Gollner

Very rare trials bike
Special gollner honda. Has a different gearbox that brings the first couple gears closer to make better for trials. Factory designed clutch softener. Bomb shaped front pipe produces more top end power. Slim tank unit and chrome plated frame. Road registered. Runs very nice. Disc front brake fitted , new carb and rockshocks. ready to ride. contact 07817667565 for more details.

Honda tlr 250

Nice bike
Very nice Honda tlr 250cc. Becoming a very rare bike. These fourstroke tlr's have loads of power and are probably one of the best twinshock trials machines to have. In very nice condition with a lovely sweet motor that runs like a watch. Still has good original gold wheels and nice working original showa shocks. This bike needs nothing and is ready to ride. Road registered and still has all its lighting kit. Please call or email for full details. (Don't miss this one!) 07817667565

Honda tlr 250

Gollner monoshock special
Very rare Gollner tlr 250. Converted when new from a twinshock to a monoshock. Many of these were made from 200 tlr's but only a small handfull of 250's were made. This gollner is one owner from new!! This bikes runs brilliant and not had a hard life. Ready to ride but would make very easy restoration. Good original tlr 250 wheels. Fork chrome is pitted and needs rechroming.
I do have a tlr twinshock frame if you wanted to convert back to a twinshocker. Please contact for details 07817667565

Honda tlr 250

Modified and part restored
Really good honda tlr 250. Loads of nice modifications includes head stock angle steepend, bomb shape front pipe and slim tank seat unit. Many new parts fitted and new wheels. Runs really well and ready to trial. Very competitive bike with loads of power. Has some light usual scuffs from use ,but nothing really noticeable. Please call us for full details or email. 07817667565

Honda tlr 250 special

Honda tlr fitted with rtl 250 motor. This bike is highly restored and modified. Fitted with really nice chrome swinging arm. Everything is new or recomissioned on the bike. Runs and rides really well. Road registered. Please call for full details 07817667565

Honda tlr rtl 250 special

Fully Restored
Really nice Honda tlr fitted with late honda rtl 250 motor. Ready to trial and needs nothing. Rebuilt inside and out, ridden and developed over the last few years. Many new parts fitted. Original metal tlr 250 seat and tank unit. Loads of power and road registered so ideal for long distance events! Please call for more info. 07817667565 or email us.

Jotagas 300 2014

4 months old!
This is my own jtg 300 2014 model. Hardly ridden and in very tidy condition. All ready to trial. Road registered and taxed. Fitted new rear tyre and chain to sell. Homemade waterpump protector fitted. Rides fantastic and much more rider friendly than the smaller 280cc in my opinion. Much cheaper than buying a new one and in virtually the same condition!!
Please contact for details 07817667565

Montesa 247

Project bike- complete
Very early Montesa 247 (large hub type) project bike. In need of full restoration and a great collectable project for the winter nights. Has been road registered. Please contact for more 07817667565

Montesa 307

Early aircooled monoshock
Very nice Montesa 307 monoshock. Not used and abused. Motor runs very crisp and bike is ready to ride. Would make very easy restoration project as just needs cosmetically sorting. Great starter bike. Please contact for more info. 07817667565

Montesa 348 rathmell replica

Very original bike
This montesa 348 rathmell replica is in very original condition and has been stored in a attic for many years. Still has the original montesa grips. Runs nice. Looks better in real life than in the photos. Comes with a new rear montesa guard and new seat has been fitted due to a rip on the seat. Great collectors bike. Contact for more 07817667565

Ossa mar 250

Fully restored
Ossa Mar 250cc. Restored by ourselves a couple years ago. Motor fully rebuilt and now runs great. This bike has had a fortune spent on it. Ideal for a collection. Still has its original green and white ossa bike cover!! Please contact for more details 07817667565 or email us.

Ossa mar 350

Fully Restored
This ossa mar 350 has been restored to a very high standard and looks as good as new. No expense spared and runs and rides very well. Please contact us for more details. Great bike for collector 07817667565 or email us.

Ossa mar special

This ossa mar has many special modifications. They include slim tank, larger exhaust system and many more. Runs great and ready to ride. In good used condition. Please contact for more details.

Swm 350 Jumbo

original bike
Very original and rare swm 350cc jumbo. In great condition and untampered with. Starts up easily and runs very nice and crisp with lots of power when needed. Has been stored and unused for many years but ready to use. Please contact us for more details. Great collectors bike. 07817667565 or email us please.

Triumph rigid cub

Rigid Tiger Cub - rebuilt wheels with stainless spokes, new rear rim, new
Dellorto carb, electronic ignition, Triumph heavy weight competition forks,
new Michelin tyres, new chain and sprockets, new exhaust, renthals, new
levers and cables, new central oil tank, new petrol tank, new grooved brake
shoes, new rear brake lever, tapered head stock bearings, Domino throttle.
Duplex primary drive chain with new adjustable tensioner. Big valve oval
head on cast round barrel. Alpha con rod, all bushes and bearing recently
replaced. Trials gearbox. Runs like a gold watch and pulls like a train! Please contact for more details 07817667565

Triumph tiger cub

Fully Restored
Fantastic Triumph tiger cub. Fully restored inside and out and runs as good as she looks. Motor has been fully rebuilt with electronic ignition .Fitted with new wheels. Still running original large tank that looks great! New front forks and alloy yokes fitted. Please contact for details 07817667565 or email.

Triumph tiger cub

Road registered
Nice triumph tiger cub. Fully road registered and ready to ride. Runs great and starts easily with lots of power.Many new and improved parts fitted. Please call us for details. 07817667565.

Triumph tiger cub 250

Road registered pre65
Very nice Triumph tiger cub. Full 250cc motor that runs like a watch. Road registered bike with a faber frame. Front suspension has original outers with yamaha inserts. Good condition original wheels with rockshock rear suspension. Only negative is a small rip in the side of the seat leather. Very nice pre65 bike. Please call us for full details 07817667565 or email

Yamaha Majesty 200

Very Original
Really nice original Yamaha majesty 200cc. Runs and rides really well. Ready to trial or restore. Still has original retro stickers on the tank. Has new tyres fitted. Please contact us for full details 07817667565 or email.

Yamaha Majesty 200

Godden frame
Very nice 200 godden framed Yamaha majesty. Really nice lightweight little bike that has plenty of power and very easy to move about. Many new and unrestored original parts. Very rare machine. Please contact for full details and prices etc 07817667565 or email

YAMAHA Majesty 250

Fully rebuilt
Fantastic yamaha majesty 250. This one has been fully restored, modified and improved. Motor fully rebuilt and runs perfect. Fantic 240 front end fitted for improved suspension and braking. Don't miss this one if you are after a majesty. call or email for more details 07817667565

Yamaha majesty 320

Fully rebuilt
Fantastic fully restored majesty 320cc. Lovely rare trials bike that needs nothing and ready to ride.
godden framed majesty with only two owners from new, it's also road registered. Rebuilt inside out!!!
Don't miss this one. Please call or email us for full details. 07817667565

Yamaha ty250 monoshock

Nice original
Nice original ty250 yamaha. Unrestored and ready to trial. Ideal starter bike or easy restoration. Please call for full details. 07817667565

Yamaha ty250 pinky

Nice original yamaha ty250. Popular monoshock. Great condition with many new parts fitted including new wheels. Runs great and ready to ride. Great starter bike. Please contact for more details 07817667565

Yamaha tyz 250

Very Original
Really nice Yamaha tyz. One owner from new and hardly used. Runs like new and needs nothing. Great bullet proof trials machine. Ideal for beginner, expert or collector!
Please contact for more details 07817667565